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Run java code from Notepad++ – One click Run and Compile


Running a java code from Notepad is always a good practice, especially for beginners. There are several reasons. I hope you all have used modern IDEs like NetBeans and Eclipse. Well, these are no doubt excellent IDEs with lots…

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ThirstyAffiliate cloaked link not redirecting [Solved]


Thirsty Affiliate is one of the most trustable affiliate link management plugins for WordPress blogs.  This plugin lets you manage your affiliate links more efficiently. Most of the website owners use this plugin for link cloaking, including me….

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NetBeans output window not showing [SOLVED]


You are coding for hours and when you click on “run project” there is no output. The output window is not even showing. Though you can see the message  “Build successful” and the code is absolutely correct, there…

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[How to Fix] USB drive RunDLL error and auto shortcut

Fix USB RunDLL error

Whenever you plug your USB device into your computer, only a shortcut is displayed. There is no file in it. When you double click on that shortcut, a RunDLL error window pops up. So, is this a virus? Well,…

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