18 cool google tricks you probably did not know

1. Atari breakout

Breakout, An arcade game developed and published by Atari in 1976. Now this game can be played online without downloading any files through Google image search.

Go to Google Image search

Type “atari breakout” in the search field and hit Enter

Wait for few seconds to load the game (Loading time depends on your net speed).

Atari breakout game on google

Play the game.

2. Unblocked Games at School

Go to Google.com

Type “Unblocked games at school” and click the first link.

Unblocked games at school - Google

You will see a huge list of games which can be played online anytime anywhere. This list includes games like Flappy Bird, 8 ball pool, Tetris, Earn 2 Die, Minecraft, 4×4 Soccer etc.

3. Do a Barrel Roll / z or r twice

This is a trick to rotate google search result 360 degrees.

Do a barrel roll - Google trick
Type “do a barrel roll” or “z or r twice”  in google search field and see the search result rotating 360 degrees by its own.

4. Elgoog

This trick gives Google search a mirror effect with horizontally flipped search results.

elgoog google mirror effect trick

Go to Google, type “Elgoog” in the search field and hit Enter.

Click the first link.

5. Zerg Rush

Discover a Google Easter egg by typing “Zerg Rush” into Google search box. This game is related to the popular game StartCraft. In this game, Google O’s attack the search results and you have to defend the search results by clicking on the O’s. You can also share your score on Google plus.

Zerg Rush google hidden trick

6. Blink HTML

This is another Easter Egg from Google. Type “Blink HTML” in Google, and see samples of the blink element.

7. Recursion

Well, it is basically a Google’s idea of funny joke. Try searching “Recursion” in google. You will always get a link which says “did you mean: recursion“. Even after clicking on that link you will always get the same page. You can think of it as a Google’s bug.But it is not.

Recursion google trick It becomes understandable if you know the meaning of Recursion. If you are a programmer you probably know what it means. When a function calls itself. On clicking the link (“did you mean: recursion”)  you are led back to the same page again and again, which is similar to recursion. Great sense of humor Big G.

8. Askew

Search “Askew” in Google and see a tilted result page.

Askew Google trick

9. Webdriver torso

Typing “Webdriver torso” in google search will turn the Google logo into coloured box.

10. Super Mario Bros

Super mario bros hidden trick googleType “Super Mario Bros” in google. You will see a question mark as shown in the picture above. Click on the question mark and it will play the super mario coin sound, click on it 100 times and it will play the 1UP sound.

11. Google in 1998

Want to know how Google looked like in 1998? Just type “Google in 1998” in Google search field and hit enter.

Google in 1998

12. Conway’s game of life

By typing “conway’s game of life” in Google search field generates a running configuration of the game.

13. Festivus

You will see an aluminum Festivus pole beside search result, just type “Festivus” in the google search box.

14. Google Gravity

Google Gravity
Go to Google. Type “Google Gravity” into the search field and click on the first link. Or you can simply click here to go to the Google Gravity page.

15. Stopwatch

Get the virtual version of stopwatch, type “stopwatch” in google search box.

Google Stopwatch

16. Timer

Type “Timer” into the search field.

Google Timer

17. Flip a coin

You can even flip a coin by typing “flip a coin” in Google.

Flip a coin google

18. Roll a die

There are plenty of games out there which required a die to play. Now you can roll a die even online. Thanks to Google. Just type “roll a die” in google and hit enter.

roll a die googleThat’s all. Probably there are many other google hidden tricks which we don’t know. If you guys know any of them, don’t forget to share with us in the comment section.

18 cool google tricks you probably didn’t know
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