When you create a password for your windows OS, it is highly recommended to create a password reset disk.
In case you forget your windows password, you can use a password reset disk to reset your password or create a new one easily.

So, to create a password reset disk, follow the steps below

1. Insert your removable media (USB or CD/DVD)

2.  Go to Start >  Control Panel  > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts

create-password-reset-diskcreate-password-reset-disk3.  In the left pane, click on “Create a password reset disk

create-password-reset-disk4. A window will open, named “Forgotten Password Wizard“, click Next

5.  Select the drive where you want to create  a password key disk, and click Next

create-password-reset-disk6. Type your current password, Next

create-password-reset-disk7. Now the wizard will create a disk on your selected drive.

8. Click Next, when the progress is 100% complete

9. Click Finish, That’s it, you have successfully created a password reset disk.

How to use password reset disk

How to create a password reset disk (Windows 7)
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