When you create a password for your Windows OS, it is highly recommended to create a password reset disk.
In case you forget your windows password, you can use a password reset disk to reset the password or create a new one easily.

So, to create a password reset disk, follow the steps below

1. First of all, you need to insert the removable media which you want to use as the password reset disk, it can be anything like a USB drive or a CD or DVD disk.

2.  After inserting the removable media go to Start >  Control Panel  > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts.

3.  The User Accounts window will open. Here on the left side, you can see few options, click on the third option “Create a password reset disk“.


4. After clicking on the “create a password reset disk” a window will open, named “Forgotten Password Wizard“. Click Next to go to the next step.

5. In the next step select the drive where you want to create a password key disk, and click Next.


6. In this window, you have to type your current user account password. If you don’t have any password you can simply leave the field blank. If you have a password, type the password and click Next.


7. Now leave it to the wizard and it will create a disk on your selected drive.

8. When the progress is 100% complete, click Next.

9. Click Finish, That’s it, you have successfully created a password reset disk for your Windows OS.

Now that you have successfully created the password reset disk, you can use it to reset your Windows password. If you don’t know how to use it, we have made a separate post for you, where we have shown  How to use password reset disk.

If you have any doubts or query regarding this article please don’t hesitate to comment down below. We will try to clear your doubts.

Create a password reset disk (Windows 7)
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