create-xml-sitemap-for-your-websiteA sitemap is an XML-based file in which all the pages,images, and file links of your website are listed to tell all the search engines about the organization of your website contents. The sitemap file is placed in the website server so the search engines can reach it directly by following the website link. Search engine web crawlers read this XML file to more intelligently crawl your site.

Now in this tutorial I am gonna show you how to create a sitemap manually, to do this you don’t need to learn how to write XML code. There are plenty of tools available to create a sitemap for your website for free.

One of these sitemap generator tools is

1. Go to , the XML sitemaps website appears.


2. Scroll down to the sitemap generator form.

create-xml-sitemap-for-your-website3. Type your website URL

4. Click on the “Change frequency” drop down menu and select the website update frequency.

5. Select the “Last modification” option (Recommended: “Use server’s response”)

6. Select “Priority” (how the XML Sitemap calculates the website’s URL indexing)

7. Click “Start”

8. Click “sitemap.xml” to download it.

create-xml-sitemap-for-your-website9. After downloading the XML sitemap, upload it to your webserver’s root folder.
Create xml sitemap for your website
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