Fix USB RunDLL error

Whenever you plug your USB device into your computer, only a shortcut is displayed. There is no file in it. When you double click on that shortcut, a RunDLL error window pops up. So, is this a virus? Well, yes you guessed it right. Of course, it’s a virus. It’s not a problem if you format your drive. But the problem occurs when there are some important files and documents in the pen drive and you can’t format the drive because you don’t want to lose any data.

Guys don’t panic. There is a solution to every problem. Here I am going to show you how to fix this error and get your valuable files back.

RunDll error pendrive shortcut

Step 1: Scan the USB with a good anti-virus and make sure the USB drive is clean.

Step 2: Click Start – type “cmd” in the search field ( without quotes ) – right-click on it and click Run as administrator. See the image below.

RunDll error pendrive shortcut (1)

Step 3: The command prompt window will open.

Type the following command in the cmd prompt window and hit Enter.

Here G is the drive letter. In my case, it’s G. Replace it with your drive letter.

RunDll error pendrive shortcut (2)

That’s all. Check your USB drive. Your files and folders should be back to normal. You can now delete the shortcut.

[How to Fix] USB drive RunDLL error and auto shortcut
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