Windows [W]: The ‘W‘ in the WAMP stands for Windows . It specifies that it is a windows web development environment.
Apache [A]: The ‘A‘ stands for Apache. Apache is the server which is used to host your website and its files.
MySQL [M]: Now I assume that you all already know that what MySQL is. It is used to handle your database.
Php [P]: In WAMP the ‘P‘ stands for Php. Php along with Perl and Python are dynamic scripting language to create dynamic web pages.


WampServer also known as Windows Apache MySQL Php server is a complete web server environment based on windows. The WAMP server is an environment because you can install different packages on it. Basically, by installing WAMP you are going to create a local web server on your windows PC. The whole server will be hosted locally on your computer.


So the advantage of having the WAMP server?

Well, there are many. Specially if you are learning web developing or you are a web developer. The wamp server can be used as a server to test your website. Because when you are running a website on wamp server, you can be sure that how it is going to look like or behave like on the world wide web.

So before uploading a website directly on the web you can use wamp as a local testing server.

Now that you know what WAMP Server is and it’s basic usage, we are going to discuss how to install wamp on your windows PC and how you can run your first web page on your local server.

1) Go to Google and Type in search field “WampServer”

2) Click on the very first link


3) Go to “DOWNLOAD” tab.

4) Choose which version you want (32 Bits or 64 bits)



5) Clicking on that, a window with warning message will pop up

6) * Ignore * and click on “download directly”



7) After downloading the setup file, install the program.

8) During installation process, it will ask you to select your default browser’s .exe file (Chrome, Firefox, Opera …or anything )



9) Locate your browsers .exe file, select and then click on open



10)  Allow WampServer in your Firewall (If it is enabled)

11) In next window, leave the SMTP and Email as it is.



12) Click on finish

(You can see a Green W icon in your desktop’s system tray)

13) Click on that icon, and Go to “Apache” and from there go to “Apache Modules”

14) A huge list of module will open, from there find “rewrite_module” and tick that module by clicking on that



15) *Congrats* Your WampServer is ready

16) You can go to the WampServer directory by clicking on “www directory”



17) * Now to run a project * I am giving you a simple example

18) Make a folder of your project in “www directory”



19) Make a simple HTML or PHP file



20) Now, to run that file, click on “localhost” or simply type localhost in your browser’s  URL section
, Followed by your project directory in www, which you have just created, followed by your HTML or PHP file name in that directory, Hit Enter…

In my case its: http://localhost/WalkyTechy/WyTy.html



Errors you may get while installing:

MSVCR110.dll is missing: click HERE to read how to solve this problem.

How to install Wampserver and get started with it
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