USB Drive, generally you use it for transferring your favourite movies and music. Here I will tell you how to use it to install Windows 7, or how to make it Bootable.So. why you should install it from USB? There is a reason for this. It’s much faster and reliable than an optical drive.

If your notebook doesn’t have an optical drive or your optical drive is not working, then this trick would be more than a solution to you.

Step 1:

Click on Start, type cmd in the search box and run it as Admin by right clicking on it and click

Run as administrator


Step 2:

The cmd (Command Prompt) window will open, type diskpart and hit enter to enter the diskpart utility.


Step 3:

Type list disk

( DISKPART > list disk )

You will see a list of disks. Your screen should look this:

Step 4:

type select disk 1  

( Diskpart > select disk 1 )

After hitting Enter, cmd will throw a message “Disk 1 is now the selected disk “

where 1 is the number of your USB drive from the list, check the list carefully, In my case, it’s 1, in your case, it may be different.

Step 5:

Now you have to clean the selected drive (USB flash drive).

To do so, type clean

( Diskpart > clean )

step 6:

Type create partition primary

( Diskpart > create partition primary )

This command will create a partition in your selected USB flash drive.

Step 7:

To create the partition active:

type active

( Diskpart > active )

step 8:

Type format fs=fat32 quick

( Diskpart > format fs=fat32 quick )

It will format the selected USB drive quickly in the FAT32 file system.

Step 9:

Type assign

( Diskpart > assign )

When you hit enter, Windows will assign a drive letter to the drive.


Step 10:

type exit

to exit the diskpart, again

type exit

to exit from cmd ( Command Prompt)

Step 11:

Now insert your Windows 7 disc into your computer’s optical drive (DVD drive) and copy all the files from the disk to the USB flash drive.


Step 12:

To make sure if everything is working fine, eject the USB drive and reinsert it.
If you see your USB Drive like this:


Congrats! Your USB Drive is now bootable and is ready to install Windows from it.

Install Windows from USB and make your USB bootable
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