C program to print rectangular shaped pattern with numbers


About this program In this program we are going to print a rectangular shaped pattern in C.This program will contain 5 rows and 5 columns. Unlike previous programs, this program will only contain numbers. For example, the first…

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Hollow rectangular shaped star pattern – C Program


About this program: This program generates a hollow rectangular box pattern which contains only stars. Unlike the previous program, here we are going leave the inner  portion blank. This program will contain 6 rows and 6 columns.

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ThirstyAffiliate cloaked link not redirecting [Solved]


Thirsty Affiliate is one of the most trustable affiliate link management plugins for WordPress blogs.  This plugin lets you manage your affiliate links more efficiently. Most of the website owners use this plugin for link cloaking, including me….

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3 – Java program to print number square pattern


This is my third post on pattern programs. In the last two posts, I have discussed how to draw square and rectangular star pattern. 1 – Java program to print star pattern (Rectangle / Square) 2 – Java…

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