Set Java environment variable – ‘javac’ is not recognized as an internal or external command


First, check whether the path is set or not. Open the cmd window (Windows Command prompt). (Click Start – type ‘cmd’ in the search box) Type javac and hit Enter. If your java path is not set, you…

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Program to create simple multiplication table – Java

Java program multiplication table -

About this program This program takes a number from user and prints the multiplication table. Ex: Enter a number: 7 7 * 1   = 7 7 * 2   = 14 7 * 3   = 21…

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Program to count number of words in a string (multiple spaces) – Java

ABOUT THIS PROGRAM This program takes a string from the user and counts the total number of words in it. No matter how many white spaces are there in the string, it will only count the number of words….

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Databases in Visual Basic 6 – ADODC – VB6


In this tutorial, I will show you how to connect Visual Basic 6 to Microsoft Access using ADODC control. Here our database will contain three data fields. Name, Number and City and our VB6 project will contain three…

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