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We are always concerned about your privacy when you are browsing our site. In this privacy policy page, we will tell you how our site collects your information. Your privacy is important to us.

What personal information we collect

We collect your information only when you provide us your information. We collect your personal information only when you contact us using your name and email id. We also collect information such as your email id only when you subscribe to our blog through the subscription widget of

What non-personal information we collect

Your public IP address, ISP name, city, Operating system name, browser name, and your device name falls in non-personal identification information. When you visit our site, our system collects this information to provide you better and relevant service.


To provide you better browsing experience your web browser may place cookies on your computer hard drive. So if you visit our site next time, we get to know you visited our site earlier and provide you better results of the contents.

How we use your personal and non-personal information

Now that you know that what information we collect from your side and how we collect them, it’s time to tell you how we use them.

  • When you subscribe to our blog with your email id, we do collect your email id. We use that email id to send new updates or new posts from You can always unsubscribe from the updates whenever you want.
  • When you contact us through the contact us form, we get your name and email id. The email id and name is just to identify who the sender is.
  • Non-personal information such as your city name, os version, device name is just to provide you better browsing experience. For example, We get to know if you are visiting our site from a PC or a mobile device. So that we can change the layout of your theme according to your screen size.

How we protect your personal and non-personal information

In this section let’s see how we protect your data. All the information you provide us and we collect from you is completely safe with us. Your name, email ids are just for your identification. We always keep it safe so that no third party can ever get your personal or non-personal information. We never sell your information to a third party.

The only third party gets your information is the email when you subscribe to our blog. But this is for a limited purpose.
It is just to send you email updates on our new articles. However, you can always unsubscribe from the subscription.

Third party links and websites

You may find third party website links related to the content of our posts. Clicking on which you may lead to the third party websites. We don’t have any control over the content of the third party websites.

Advertising on

While browsing,  you may find advertising. These ads are provided by third party ad agencies. These advertisers may store cookies on your computer, to provide you with relevant ads.

Any type of changes to this document

We may update this policy. If this privacy policy is updated, we will post the update news. You can always visit this page for any kind of changes to our privacy policy.

Acceptance of terms & services

By using, you signify your acceptance of this privacy policy.

If you have any query or doubts or questions about this privacy policy, please Contact Us.

This privacy policy document was last updated on Nov 30, 2017

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