Set custom icon usb driveThe USB drive we use every day has a boring icon. If you ever wished to change that default icon then the easiest way to change it by creating an autorun INF file, which I am going to show you in this post. After changing the icon your USB drive will look like the above image. You can use any image you like. Now whenever you insert your USB flash drive into any computer, your custom icon will be displayed instead of that boring default icon. You just need to have an autorun file and the icon in your USB drive. So, let’s begin.

At first, find an icon for your USB drive. There are plenty of free icon sites out there. Such as findicons , iconarchive etc. You can easily find one.

This is the icon which I am going to use for my USB drive.

WT usb custom icon.ico

Note: Your icon should be in .ico format, not jpeg or png. 

Step 1: Open notepad and type [Autorun]

Step 2: In the next line type label=WALKYTECHY

Here ‘WALKYTECHY’ is the name of my USB Drive. Change with your USB drive name.

Step 3: Now we have to specify the icon name. In the third line type ICON=usb_red.ico

where usb_red is the name of the icon and .ico is the format. Change it with your icon name.

Set custom icon usb drive

Step 4: Go to File Save As.. – type the name as AUTORUN.INF and ‘Save as type’ to All files. See the image below:

Set custom icon usb drive

Step 6: Now copy both the icon file and the .INF file to your USB drive. Make sure both these two files are in the root folder of your USB drive.

That’s it. To see the changes remove your USB drive and plug it back.

[How to] Set custom icon for your USB flash drive
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