ThirstyAffiliate cloaked link not redirecting [Solved]



Thirsty Affiliate is one of the most trustable affiliate link management plugins for WordPress blogs.  This plugin lets you manage your affiliate links more efficiently.

Most of the website owners use this plugin for link cloaking, including me. Basically, link cloaking is nothing but creating pretty and clean professional looking links for ugly and complicated looking links.

So, when someone clicks on the cloaked link, he/she gets redirected to the original affiliate link.  

First time when you create a redirect link or cloak your link with Thirsty Affiliate, you may notice that after clicking the cloaked URL, the URL is not redirecting to your affiliate link. This may sound like a big issue, but it is not. Because it will take just one minute to fix this problem permanently.

So to fix this just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1:  From the WordPress menu, go to Installed plugin and find Thirsty Affiliate plugin, then click Deactivate


If you already have some affiliate links, then do not worry, you are not going to lose those links, they are safely stored in your database.  

Step 2: Now after deactivating the Thirsty Affiliate plugin, reactivate it.

Step 3: You are almost done.  Now from WordPress menu, go to Settings. Navigate to Permalink page and without doing anything just click Save Changes.



That’s all. To check if the links are working fine, click on your cloaked URL and see if the link is redirecting to your affiliate link. The problem should be fixed.

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